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 I offer 30, 45, and 60-minute visits with special attention to each dog as a unique individual. Well-exercised dogs are psychologically and physically relaxed and more ready to bond with their human companions.

Short visits (30 minutes, $20) may be sufficient if your dog is older or less active, or if you simply need a “comfort visit” for your dog(s) while you are away from home.

In my personal experience as a dog owner, I have found that 45 minutes is sort of a magic length of time – not too short, not too long. It is the amount of time most dogs need to warm up, get a good mental & physical workout, and cool down.

60-minute visits ($27) are ideal for medium-to-high energy dogs, for dogs that require transportation to a park or trail for exercise, or for oldies that enjoy a good long cuddle session.

My service will help you and your dog tremendously if:

  • you have a long or unpredictable work schedule
  • you have adopted a highly energetic dog
  •  you are physically challenged, or unable to exercise with your dog for other reasons
  • your dog has socialization/behavior issues and cannot go to doggie daycare
  • you feel nervous or uncomfortable about sending your dog into group situations

I will focus entirely on the safety, happiness, and well-being of your dog.

Service Area

Redwood Romps! is based in Felton and serves Felton (including Forest Lakes and Lompico!), Ben Lomond, Mt. Hermon, and most of Scotts Valley. Please call or send an email with your address or nearest cross streets to find out if you are in the Redwood Romps! service area.   


Redwood Romps! offers morning, mid-day, and early evening service, Monday through Friday.  Weekend and holiday service is also available. Vacation care (2-4 visits per day) can be tailored to the needs of your household.

If you are interested in hiring Redwood Romps! for your weekly or seasonal dog-care needs, please call or email to set up a free consultation. Consultations are generally available mid-morning on weekends and they run 60-90 minutes. Please contact Redwood Romps! at least ten days prior to your initial service date.


Please email or call to find out current availability.


The cost of a 45-minute exercise session within the service area is $22.

Home visits are $22 for 45 minutes and $27 for 60 minutes.

Short visits of 30 minutes are available at the rate of $20 for senior or special needs pets.

Payment Policy

  When you hire Redwood Romps! for dog walks or visits, payment for the initial service is due at the start of service.  After that you will be billed monthly.


 72 hours’ notice is required for cancellation of scheduled services without charge.

Storms and Heat Waves

 For the safety of your dog, regular romps will not be conducted during times of extreme heat (over 90 degrees) or severe  storm conditions.  In circumstances when roads are passable but outdoor activity is not safe, your dog will receive a potty break close to home and indoor playtime/TLC instead.

                 Special Dog-related Needs or Requests

At this time, Redwood Romps‘ focus is on walks and at-home play sessions. However, if you are an established customer and a special need arises, such as transportation to the vet/ groomer, or help with picking up supplies, I will be happy to make arrangements with you to meet those needs.

Special trips/doggie errands are billed at the rate of $32 per hour.

In the future, I may also offer bike-running for individual dogs.

Pet Tech First Aid &CPR logo

Redwood Romps! Is certified in Pet First Aid & CPR


Recent Posts

Happy New Year!

RR Happy New Year 2016 image

As we enter a new year, I wish to extend my heartfelt, deepest gratitude to all the clients and critters that have joined the Redwood Romps! family.

It is an honor to provide care for your beloved furry family members.

Thank you for choosing Redwood Romps! and thank you for giving your companion animals everything they need for a happy, healthy life.






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