Update re Redwood Romps! Services

The following is an excerpt from a message that went out to weekly clientsstrike a pose

April 22, 2020

Good morning.

In an effort to continue to be proactive and supportive during the COVID-19 pandemic, Redwood Romps! is continuing to reach out privately to all weekly clients regarding the well-being of their pets and families.

We are under a Statewide Shelter-in-Place order through May 3rd, and at this point it is my understanding that there will be some minor adjustments to the restrictions on May 4th, including some changes regarding service providers that travel to private properties.

Currently, service is available to Redwood Romps! clients who are classified as Essential Workers, still working away from home, with no one at home who is able to provide routine/necessary care for their dogs.

However, in anticipation of a gradual loosening of restrictions in the coming months,Redwood Romps! is ready to adjust protocols and procedures in order to serve both current clients and potential new clients. Most discussions will be held privately but I believe it is important for me to share some of the protocols that are in place for service at this time.

If your overall home/work/health situation has changed and the well-being or safety of your pets or family are being impacted, Redwood Romps! may be able to safely serve your household.

At this time, Redwood Romps! is in direct communication with local law enforcement regarding all services. As you can imagine this is a challenge for me personally as I place a high value on client privacy. I have never had any explicit need to know what my clients do for a living nor to require any special documentation for third parties. But this is an extraordinary situation.

I miss your pets and my normal work schedule. I understand that many companies are restructuring and laying off employees and your need for dog care might change temporarily or permanently. I also understand that your finances may change and that can affect your household budget. I continue to encourage open communication with me as we move forward through this. You are much more than a client or a “paycheck” to me. You are a community member and an animal lover and I am here to help you in whatever way I can.

Redwood Romps!

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