Links for Dog Lovers

***UPDATE: I adopted little Miss Marty in March of 2013. She is now a working member of the Redwood Romps! crew****

I am fostering a small female terrier mix named Martina (aka “Marty”). Martina needs a TON of exercise, so although she is small, I decided to try bike-running her. First I did it old school with a leash. She was awesome! Running alongside a bike she goes into working mode and she is less reactive to all the things that scare her or make her nervous. However, the squirrels and human tourists that share our parks can be unpredictable (!)… so I did some research into the various dog-running accessories available for bicycles, and I chose The Walky-Dog.  Weird name, great product! I want to thank the small family-owned business that sold me this thingamajig. They only sell things that they have tried out themselves with their dogs. Delivery was speedy and friendly.

Click on this picture of Marty to visit THE DOG OUTDOORS: