Safety Protocols effective June 2020

New Safety Protocols for Redwood Romps! Dog Walking Service

Contact Redwood Romps! as quickly as possible if anyone in your household is sick.  Also contact Redwood Romps! immediately if anyone in your household tests positive for Covid-19. While prompt notification is ideal, it is understandable that with all the dramatic changes to our lives at this time you may not be able to reach me in a timely fashion. You may post a handwritten notice at your dog’s equipment station if you are not able to reach me ahead of time. Your service will be cancelled for at least two weeks and you will have credit for any cancelled walks when your service resumes. Emails or text messages can be sent to Redwood Romps! 24 hours/day.

There will be no extended in-person conversations between Redwood Romps! and clients. You will receive text messages and emails with photos and reports of the walks as usual. If a need for an extended discussion of any issues related to your dog’s care arises, we can arrange a virtual meeting via Facetime or another compatible platform. Redwood Romps! will communicate with clients privately regarding their preferred platform for virtual meetings.

 Redwood Romps! will be practicing contactless handoffs of dogs.This means that *ideally* your dog will be outdoors when Redwood Romps! arrives for pickup and all walking equipment (collar or harness, leash, and collapsible water bowl with caribiner/clip) will be kept in a weather-proof container outdoors or near the front door/entry point. If a physical handoff is necessary, please wear a mask and wash your hands immediately after handoff. Redwood Romps! will be masked and using an isopropyl alcohol solution to disinfect the leash.  The water bowl will be cleaned before and after use.

If a walk occurs at a time when no one is at the home, clients must contain the pet as close to the entry as possible. Any entry points used by Redwood Romps! will be treated with disinfectant prior to handling. (Please note no service of this type is being scheduled for June 2020. It may be scheduled for July and beyond.)

Redwood Romps! will continue to supply waste disposal bags. Please communicate regarding the location of an appropriate waste receptacle at your home for disposal of dog waste. If the receptacle has a lid, it will be disinfected before and after contact.

Transportation of dogs in the Redwood Romps! vehicle is not available at this time.      As conditions change and the new “RedwoodRompsMobile” is outfitted for safe transport, adventure options will increase. It is anticipated but not guaranteed that travel options will be rolled out in September 2020.

The added costs and time constraints for providing walking services are substantial.      For this reason, Redwood Romps! is not available to sign up new clients at this time.   I hope to roll out new contactless signup procedures in July 2020. If your household has an urgent service need related to the current Covid-19 pandemic, do not hesitate to contact me and I will do whatever I can to help you.